Writing Production Schedule Walkthrough

The Writing Production Schedule base template is designed to help us take full control of your writing workflow, keep ourselves accountable, and never miss a deadline again.

This base is our go-to for managing our writing and tracking our daily progress. It auto-calculates daily word counts as well as deadlines based on release date.

In this base, titles are grouped by current, future, and archived titles. The template as it’s designed allows for writing, editing, proofreading, and audiobook production. Each of the auto-calculations can be customized for your particular work schedule.

To get started, we’ll enter our final work count goal, our current word count, and the release date of our work in progress. At that point, the formula fields in this base will automaticallypopulate based on the information we’ve entered.

We’ll get dates for when we should start writing the book, when the first draft is due, deadlines for rounds of editing and proofreading, deadlines for audio book production, and our final book upload deadline. In addition, formula fields built into this base that calculate the number of words needed per day to meet our deadline and upload our final version by the due date. The calculations programmed into this base are set up for a ninety-day production schedule but can easily be customized for other timeframes.

We’ll use the grid view in this base to enter our book information, set our formula fields, and view our deadlines. In addition to the grid view, there is a calendar view. Within the calendar view, we are able to customize the dates that appear. For example, we may only want to see our first draft due date and our final upload deadline. Or, we may want to see all of our deadlines.

Another tool in this base is the Kanban view, which allows us to click and drag our book records to change the status.

Finally, we have a timeline view, this view is especially helpful when we can have books or projects that overlap which sometimes happens, this view provides another unique way to visualize our information and track and manage our progress as were writing and releasing books.

As always, if you have questions, please reach out to us via our website. Also check out our social media and sign up for our newsletter. Keep on the lookout for future blog posts here.

Have a good one—and get writing!
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