Welcome, Why We Use Airtable, and Why Being Organized Matters

Welcome, Why We Use Airtable, and Why Being Organized Matters

Welcome to Organized Authors—a business committed to helping authors become more organized, more accountable, and more efficient with their writing, because it’s all about the business of their books. We’re celebrating our launch with a 30 percent off sale of all of our Airtable base templates so don’t hesitate and start your organization journey today!
Organized Authors was founded by Heather Slade, a self-published author with a passion for organization and workflow effectiveness and her son, Frank Buchman, an MBA who has a passion for bringing businesses to life and helping authors discover the right tools for success.
Join us today and purchase a base template or package and truly master the business of your books. 

So, Why Airtable?
Airtable is very powerful tool that we as authors can use to master our organizational skills in terms of our writing workflow, our book details, any other important information and keep us accountable to our deadlines. Our founder tried nearly everything from excel spreadsheets to google docs, calendars, and sheets in order to keep track of her book information, her schedule and her writing and administrative workflow and tasks. However, these methods of organizing and sorting information was cumbersome, taking too much time to find information and too much time creating to-do lists rather than actually “doing.”
Until Airtable! Airtable is a cloudbased platform that allows you to create and manage custom databases. It’s incredibly user friendly and offers users a ton of help and customization when it comes to bases.
In Airtable, we can build bases for almost anything from our Writing Production Schedule to our Author Income and Expenese tracker. We can build workflow schedules, social media schedules, build posts and advertisements, keep track of our finances and of course, store our book information like ISBN numbers and links.Finding our information in Airtable is a breeze and is as simple as setting up a new grouping, or filter, or searching for your record in the base. What used to take hours or maybe days can now be done in minutes.

Airtable also gives us a ton of options for tools and customizations within our bases. We can create calendars, progress trackers, timelines, workflow maps as well as add a number of different applications that can create charts and graphs for us or import information from other sources like Social Media and Shopify.
Finally, the most important piece—Airtable is cloud-based meaning you can get access to any information stored in Airtable anywhere in the world and on any device simply by logging into your account!
There are so many pieces of the puzzle we have to worry about as an author, like creating covers, managing our social media channels, making sure our advertising is effective, as well as a slew of administrative tasks like registering copyrights and creating product pages to sell our books on various platforms. On top of all of that work we somehow have to find the time to do what really matters—writing!

Staying organized can not only help alleviate a lot of the stress that comes with being an author but also help us all to be more efficient in our writing process. Proper organization can help us achieve a ton of things that can ultimately help us be the best author we can be. Reducing stress clears the mind and allows the creative thoughts to flow more freely. Organization helps us sleep better, meaning better ideas and more stamina when it comes to working and writing during the day. Finally, being organized can help you increase your productivity. Spend less time worrying about all the little things that have to get done and be held accountable by a schedule so that writing doesn’t take the backseat and you never miss a deadline again!
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate toreachout to us via our website and check out our social media channels and our newsletter. Keep on the lookout for weekly blog posts here!

Have a good one and get writing!
Frank, Organized Authors


Make sure to check back next week for some quick organizational tips in Airtable for Authors!

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