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The Master Series Bible is really the lifesaver of all lifesavers. This base template is designed to help us intentionally organize and store all of our important series information including book details, chapter outlines, ISBN and ASIN numbers, links, cover graphics, chapter plot outlines, and any other important administrative information we may need to find at a moment’s notice.

Rather than sifting through pages of spreadsheets or documents for hours, this base allows for easy access to and recall of our most important information so we can quickly get what we need without spending valuable time looking for it. The Master Series Bible is two bases in one—the Series Overview and the Series Outline. Each serves a different purpose. One is a place for administrative information like links, word counts, and series information. The other is a place to outline and plan our writing by each chapter.

Series Overview
The Series Overview is designed to group all of our book information by series. We use this template to store the important administrative information for our books, including but not limited to release date, cover graphics, book trailers, main characters, blurbs, taglines, excerpts, teasers, ISBN numbers and sales links. This base keeps us from spending too much time searching and combing through various spreadsheets and documents trying to find basic information to build things like ads, or upload our books for sale. In this base we’ll create records of books in our series, then enter the pertinent information into the fields. The base will automatically group our book records by series, so all books in any series all appear together. In this table there is a gallery view so we can view our book information by cover graphic and otherimportant details, there is also filtered Overviews that allow us to only view books in a specific series.

The All Series Overview 2 Pen Names is used exactly the same way as the All Series Overview except in addition to grouping our book records by series, it also groups them by pen names. This allows us to view all the series under any pen name individually—making it much easier to manage information between two names than it ever has been before! Additionally, we’ve created filtered views that allow us to see each series individually under each pen name.


All Series Outline by Chapter
This All Series Outline is a place where we can take full control of our organization in terms of our creative process. The Series Outline is grouped by two fields: Series Name and Book Title. This allows us to create records that serve as our chapters which are grouped together by title.

In this table, we’ll create records that detail key plot points in each chapter of the book. We’ll keep information such as a book timeline, chapter timelines, character appearances, important events, interactions, and settings. In addition, we can upload graphics that represent scenes, settings, or characters, and even track our writing progress on each chapter through a status field. This base allows us to easily locate key pieces of information and keep details consistent. This table also has a calendar view which allows us to set progress deadlines for our chapters, and a kanban which can be use to check and update the status of our writing progress.

Finally, in this table there are filtered views which allow us to view outlines for each book in a specific series, another helpful way to make information easier to find!

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Have a good one and get writing!
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Check back next week for another Airtable Base Walkthrough!

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