Writing Production Schedule Base Template

When does the first pass need to get to the editor? What about the narrators? And when is the final upload?

The Writing Production Schedule base template includes:

  • All applicable deadlines based on release date
  • Automatically formulated
  • Daily word count calculations


There are so many pieces of the puzzle we have to put together as authors to make sure that all parts of our business are running smoothly. It’s too easy to get caught up in building promos, managing social media, holding events, and making sure that our books are turning a profit. Soon, we forget the most important thing—writing!

The Writing Production Schedule base template is designed to help keep track of your writing progress for any and all books you are working on.

This base will sort your books by year of publication and series and will allow you to keep track of details such as current status of your book and audio book as well as current and target word counts and release dates.

This base will automatically formulate deadlines for editing passes, proofreading, audio book production, and calculate your needed work count per day so that you can stay accountable and meet your final release date deadlines every time.

Use the Writing Production Schedule to take your writing workflow to the next level and get organized!

This base includes access to our Airtable and base-specific instructional material so you can get the most out of using your base templates.

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