Social Media Content and Scheduler Base Template

How many times have you told yourself you’re going to increase your social media presence? Or get your newsletter out on time or on a consistent basis? What about podcasts, Tiktok, and the next platform designed to make authors pull their hair out?

The Social Media Content and Scheduler base template includes:

  • A place to store, organize, plan, and execute a comprehensive social media plan.
  • Graphics, post copy, and links, all in one place.
  • Newsletter and blog content organized by dates.
  • Podcasts, Clubhouse, and more along with a way to organize and plan for guests.


Social Media is a jungle with so many platforms, post requirements, and standards for creating posts on various channels, it can get confusing and overwhelming quickly. Stay organized and productive with the Social Media Content Manager and Scheduler base template.

This base template is designed to help you plan, store and schedule your social media posts for Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, Twitter, Goodreads, Tumblr and more!

Plan and store graphics, post copy, links, and other important details about your posts for every channel in this base. Stay organized and maintain all your digital assets in one place. In addition, build posts for each channel and schedule their workflow tasks and final post date as well as keep track of overall post status throughout the process.

Active, thoughtful, and consistent posting on social media is a must for any author. Use this base to get ahead of the game and make social media posting and planning easy and straightforward.

In addition to the Social Media Content Manager and Schedule this template includes two other tables:

With the Newsletter and Blog Content Manager and Scheduler, you can keep track of content by date as well as add links to content found in the main Social Media Content and Scheduler table.

With Podcast and Clubhouse Content Manager you can schedule and create podcast content, guest pipelines, manage groups, and events.

These are designed to help you further invest in your social media presence and build your audience. These bases are designed to help you plan, store and schedule content for both a blog and newsletter as well as a podcast or clubhouse episode.

This base includes access to our Airtable and base-specific instructional material so you can get the most out of using your base templates.

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