Master Marketer Base Template Package

The Master Marketer Base Template Package includes two of our base templates:


The Master Marketer Package includes access to two of our base templates: Ad Management and Social Media Content Manager and Schedule which also includes Podcast and Clubhouse Manager, and Newsletter and Blog Content Manager.

Become a master at planning and building social media content. Stay on top of your advertising and promotional efforts with this package while scheduling workflow for new or existing ads and social media posts. Create a bank of content and graphics for ads and posts, plan and schedule content for a blog or newsletter, and effectively manage content, topics, and ads for a podcast or Clubhouse episode.

This package includes all the tools to help you stay organized and effective when it comes to social media and online advertising. 

This package includes access to our Airtable and base-specific instructional material so you can get the most out of using your base templates.



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