Author Master Plan Base Template

Have you been struggling with keeping your new release deadlines? Maybe you’re trying to take a more focused approach to managing social media. Or maybe you’re just looking for a way to stay organized so you can focus on what matters most—writing!

The Author Master Plan includes:

  • New release schedules
  • Featured backlist schedules
  • New series announcement scheduling and task management
  • Task management for book launches
  • Signing event and other event task management


The Author Master Plan base template is designed to help authors like you become more organized, more accountable, and more productive. Use this Master Plan to keep track of the most important tasks related to the business of selling books. Whether it’s mapping out front list new releases, scheduling monthly backlist promotion, signing event planning, social media posts, or newsletters, the Master Plan allows for an overview to keep you on track.

This template can be used to plan a focus for each month, map out soft, medium, and hard launches, along with any administrational tasks related to your career as an author. In this base you will be able to track the most important details of any given activity or task, such as deadlines, digital assets, current progress status, as well as keep all of your activity on a calendar.

Use the Master Plan to take control of your business as an author and get organized!

This base includes access to our Airtable and base-specific instructional material so you can get the most out of using your base templates.

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