Ad Management Base Template

Which of your ads are most successful? Why? What is your ad spend by day, month, or year? Which images or what copy failed?

The Ad Management base template includes:

  • Organization of ad graphics and copy
  • Ability to keep track of testing for every channel
  • Track ad insights, pick winning ads to deliver
  • Track ad spending, set budgets
  • Store your previously ran ads or failed ads


The Ad Management Airtable base template is designed to help you manage, track and store different kinds of ads for different channels.

Use this base to store potential ad graphics or copy, do various types of ad testing for every channel, track ad insights, pick winning ads to deliver, track delivery insights, track your ad spending, set a budget and store your previously ran ads or failed ads.

This base makes it easy to keep your ads organized and categorized with all the necessary details so that there is less guesswork on which ads to run and which ads to end. It also allows easy recall of previous designs and copy that have done well so that you can tailor your future ads based on what has worked in the past.

This base includes ad management on all channels including Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and Bookbub. Keep your ads organized and take some of the stress out of running social media advertisements.

This base includes access to our Airtable and base-specific instructional material so you can get the most out of using your base templates.

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