Some Quick Organization Tips For Your Bases

An Organized Author’s Airtable base template is a step in the right direction for any author who wants to hone their organizational skills and truly master the business of their books. If you’re new to our templates or just need a few extra tips this one is for you. Today we’re going to talk about some of the organizational tools in Airtable and how to use them to your advantage. This information can be applied to any of our base templates and completely depends on your personal preferences.Hiding Fields Sometimes we may have unused fields in our bases, or we...

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Welcome, Why We Use Airtable, and Why Being Organized Matters

Welcome, Why We Use Airtable, and Why Being Organized Matters Welcome to Organized Authors—a business committed to helping authors become more organized, more accountable, and more efficient with their writing, because it’s all about the business of their books. We’re celebrating our launch with a 30 percent off sale of all of our Airtable base templates so don’t hesitate and start your organization journey today! Organized Authors was founded by Heather Slade, a self-published author with a passion for organization and workflow effectiveness and her son, Frank Buchman, an MBA who has a passion for bringing businesses to life and...

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